A nice word for a flock of goldfinches

Did you know that a flock of goldfinches is actually called a charm of goldfinches? Charm, that’s a lovely word, charm. It also has a nice meaning. Actually, that’s got me thinking of lucky charms, the Egyptians  used to carry stone scarab  beetles  in their pockets to bring good luck. Do you know about any other lucky charms? If so I’d love to know about them, so tell me what you find brings luck in a comment if you can. thanks.



Wake up really early (when it’s still dark), get dressed and go outside, find somewhere you can sit and watch the sunrise, like a hill or a forest. Sit down, bring some tea or coffee if you want to. Sit and watch the sunrise, it is best to do this in autumn as the golden browns of the leaves look really beautiful in the early sun’s light. I suggest to do this if you feel stressed or worried. You’ll be surprised how calming an autumn sunrise will be.


Halloween is coming soon and I can’t wait. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. But sometimes I feel as if it’s lost it’s meaning….

I don’t mind how people choose to celebrate their Halloween, but I prefer to think of it as a celebration of who the people were before their deaths. That’s why I prefer the Mexican ‘day of the dead’ festivals to the American version of Halloween. 

But all in all I do enjoy Halloween and I hope you do too.

Happy Halloween!


Missing the countryside :<

I am at my mum’s house now. My mum lives in town in Newcastle Emlyn, Wales. It’s nice here I guess… I can walk to the shops without having to travel miles or drive there. But sometimes I really miss the countryside, it’s quiet, peaceful atmosphere. The only sounds for miles and miles are the sounds of the leaves falling in autumn, the birds, the forest creatures going about their business…. Now I’d be lucky to have a good night sleep! I swear, all the noisiest cars, motorbikes and trucks wait till I’m going to sleep before they tare across the road(which is right outside the house). ~sighs~ I guess you just have to live with it, huh?

Good books to read

I found myself feeling very bored one day so, naturally, I picked up a book and started reading. One of my favourite books was from the school library and it was called ‘My name is Mina’ by David Almond and the story is basically a girl’s journal. Everyone thinks she’s mad but actually she has a really interesting thoughts and ideas. I really enjoyed the book.

Another favourite of mine is ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzzane Collins. The book is in the near future where America has been completely destroyed and in its place is a place called Panem which is ruled by the posh but blood-thirsty Capitol. Katniss Everdeen lives in the slums of District 12. When her little sister Prim is chosen as a tribute to fight to the death in The Hunger Games arena against the other district’s tributes, Katniss steps forward to save her little sister, but at the same time, volunteer to go in her place…. Personally I think this book is an perfect example of war and how it should be stopped.

I have many other favourite books, but I think I’ll just leave the list at two. Other books to read are ‘conversations with god’, the graphic novel ‘V for vendetta’ and ‘The book’. (I unfortunately cannot remember the authors so you may have difficulty finding them if you choose to.)

Remember, reading is a good habit. Its not ‘just for nerds’ and anyone thinks other wise-just let me read in peace. Image#a love for reading

The forest- who needs anger management?

I’ve been at my dad’s this weekend. My dad is a spiritualist-like me(kind of). I enjoy weekends a my dad’s because he lives out in the countryside, I love the countryside, even winter, though everything seems dead…there’s a special type of beauty in the crystal white snow and the coal black limbs of the trees. Not only that, but at my dad’s we have a tree fort. Its a winding maze of clearings and paths on a bit of common land. I like to go and sit under the ash tree when I’m angry or upset, is it just me or do trees have a sort of calming aura? Try it for yourself, when you’re angry or upset or just need a break, go and sit under a tree or in a forest. When you go back home perhaps you’ll find that you are calmer. Maybe you really need a tree’s aura to sooth you or maybe you just need a moment to clear your head, whatever it is, I would no doubt suggest taking a walk in the woods or sit by a tree and listen to the forest sounds.Image