Good books to read

I found myself feeling very bored one day so, naturally, I picked up a book and started reading. One of my favourite books was from the school library and it was called ‘My name is Mina’ by David Almond and the story is basically a girl’s journal. Everyone thinks she’s mad but actually she has a really interesting thoughts and ideas. I really enjoyed the book.

Another favourite of mine is ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzzane Collins. The book is in the near future where America has been completely destroyed and in its place is a place called Panem which is ruled by the posh but blood-thirsty Capitol. Katniss Everdeen lives in the slums of District 12. When her little sister Prim is chosen as a tribute to fight to the death in The Hunger Games arena against the other district’s tributes, Katniss steps forward to save her little sister, but at the same time, volunteer to go in her place…. Personally I think this book is an perfect example of war and how it should be stopped.

I have many other favourite books, but I think I’ll just leave the list at two. Other books to read are ‘conversations with god’, the graphic novel ‘V for vendetta’ and ‘The book’. (I unfortunately cannot remember the authors so you may have difficulty finding them if you choose to.)

Remember, reading is a good habit. Its not ‘just for nerds’ and anyone thinks other wise-just let me read in peace. Image#a love for reading


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