The forest- who needs anger management?

I’ve been at my dad’s this weekend. My dad is a spiritualist-like me(kind of). I enjoy weekends a my dad’s because he lives out in the countryside, I love the countryside, even winter, though everything seems dead…there’s a special type of beauty in the crystal white snow and the coal black limbs of the trees. Not only that, but at my dad’s we have a tree fort. Its a winding maze of clearings and paths on a bit of common land. I like to go and sit under the ash tree when I’m angry or upset, is it just me or do trees have a sort of calming aura? Try it for yourself, when you’re angry or upset or just need a break, go and sit under a tree or in a forest. When you go back home perhaps you’ll find that you are calmer. Maybe you really need a tree’s aura to sooth you or maybe you just need a moment to clear your head, whatever it is, I would no doubt suggest taking a walk in the woods or sit by a tree and listen to the forest sounds.Image


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