I’ve always had asthma, but my most serious attack was at home at night when I was seven-or-so years old. I ended up staying in hospital for some time(I can’t recall how long I stayed, my thoughts are often confused when I have asthma attacks). There are seven main things I remember about staying at the hospital,
1: seeing a female teenager who I think had eating problems or something, not that she was fat, she was just really, really thin and pale.
2: The nurse spilling medicine on me (not on purpose).
3: A dark-haired boy who was older than me and who I became friends with during my time at the hospital.
4: my mum sleeping in some sort of bed next to me.
5: me refusing to put the oxygen-mask-thing on until my mum told me I’d look like a dragon if I wore it.
6: A needle being stuck into my main blood-vein in my wrist. And
7: deciding whether to have rice crispies or toast for breakfast.

Since then my asthma has never ever been that bad, however, I’ve recently suffered three days with a very bad non-stop asthma attack, and I mean non-stop, I haven’t had a decent night sleep for two days. Usually my asthma attacks can be solved with a puff from my inhaler, but over the weekend it just didn’t do anything, the slightest things seem to set it off, from walking to the shops(which are literally around the corner from my house) to the rooms temperature changing slightly. My mum even thought about calling an ambulance, she didn’t, but we visited the doctor today and apparently my mum should have called an ambulance because my asthma is pretty bad-and I was even feeling better that day!

So as well as using my inhaler I have to use some drugs, I have to take them for five days and then ‘consult the asthma nurse’ (that’s what the doctor said anyway, doesn’t sound like he’s talking about an oracle or something?). I have to take steroids everyday with or after food, not the body-builder steroids by the way, they’re these prednisolone ones, I also have to take antibiotics three times a day. So that sucks. But you know what? So far I haven’t died from asthma, and I don’t think I will, I still have a good long time to live.


“It’s not about…


“It’s not about what is under the tree, it’s about who is around it”

You may have heard this quote in Christmas adverts or seen it on Christmas cards around this time of year, but I am going to post it anyway because I agree with it and I think it’s sweet.


I have the flu right now and believe me it’s not fun. But I suppose it’s good to get ill, not just because it builds up the immune system but because hurting is good-physically and emotionally. Physical hurting is like a warning alarm telling you that your body is damaged, and you need to know that so it is not damaged any further. Emotional hurting is a bit more tricky, you don’t really need to get upset to survive but you do need emotional hurting more than one might think. Think about it-would you rather live a life where you feel and hurt or a life where you float around smiling at the world and feeling nothing but contentedness?

 Did you know that people who become ‘enlightened’ (when someone learns the meaning of life) actually make themselves go back to their former conscious state now and again because they like feeling down? Though I advise to be as helpful and happy as you can just remember that life is fair so you’re bound to feel blue now and again. So what I’m trying to say is: don’t loose hope and enjoy all the ups and downs of life.

We are all one

There is this idea that we are all separate and shouldn’t talk to each other because we don’t know each other. When in fact we are all little ‘sparks’ from the same conscious, we are all and everything-why? Because in the beginning there was absolute nothingness, a nothingness no one can picture(so don’t try to, you might go crazy :/) then there was a thought, a awareness, this was God. Now God was probably very confused, why am I here? Where is here?! Then he(I’m only calling god ‘he’ because most religions see God as male-though it is genderless) began to think, and all these amazing thoughts became something called matter, everything around you is made of matter actually. Anyway, when God took a breather from thinking so hard he looked at his world and was pleased, but then he was sad, he found he could not experience this world unless he became matter-which is something he knew he couldn’t do. So instead he gave every living think a ‘spark’ of himself. And so that’s why we’re here: to experience ‘living’ in all possible ways in this world of matter. The reason we don’t remember that we are God is because if we did then we’d also need to know about everything(and I mean everything) but not only would that be too much for our minds in this state but it would also ruin the whole point of living.

So my point is that because we are all one there is really no reason for war and other worldly conflicts. Also, that no matter how bad things get, this whole thing is amazing, its amazing to be alive- absolutely amazing!

Isn’t it annoying when…

Isn’t it annoying when you’re at school and you haven’t done some home work that was due in on the day and your form teacher walks up to you and asks: “Why haven’t you done your home work?”? okay, so maybe that’s not too bad. But what really bugs me is when they ask that and then you give your answer(whether it being a excuse or an actual reason) and the teacher then replys: “That is not a valid excuse. Why haven’t you done your homework?” and you stand there thinking “what?! I just told you why! You nincompoop!” now for people who know what I’m talking about I can safely say that we can agree that this kind of pupil-teacher conversations can go on for hours-and it always ends in detention. I understand that homework is a good thing to do, and I am terrible for not doing mine, but if they don’t accept anything I say then why ask? Another thing: I don’t mean to be a moaning minnie but most teachers don’t even inspire me at all, and let me tell you now my homework charts would be much better if I found the teacher inspiring.

However that doesn’t mean I’m telling you to not do homework because you find the teacher boring. You see, the only real reason you could be uninspired by a subject is when the teacher is about as interesting(if not less) as a dead fly and you don’t even find the subject enjoyable anyway. If you find the teacher inspiring then do well to please him/her, if you find the subject engaging then do well to succeed in that subject.