Our world is a squiggly line…

In ‘The book’ by Alan Watts(Thanks for reminding me Thomas Thomas :]), Alan explains the world as a squiggly, wiggly line, this portrays the ‘perfect madness’ of life and how, no matter how hard we might try, the ‘bigger picture’ of the world cannot be analysed, measured or recorded in any way shape or form. And he is right, we can draw a squiggly line on a piece of paper, but we cannot call this the world because we can draw a grid over this squiggle and then say it goes so many squares to the right, left, north ect ect, whereas the ‘bigger picture’ of the world will always slip through our imaginary nets, time and time again. So how can we solve this mystery? I hear you ask. We can’t. The sooner we accept this crazy Squiggly life the sooner we can solve true problems in this life and work together to build a better world for everyone and everything.


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