The perfect world

‘The perfect world’, many have tried to create it, but do we really know what a perfect world is? A world without badness is the main idea. However ‘a world without badness’ would have a fatal flaw: motionless. The thing is, we already live in the perfect world yet we constantly refuse to believe that it is perfect because the media has bombarded us with the idea that the perfect world only becomes perfect when you have everything from money to general stuff. The truth is, we need badness in our lives from the little slips to the world-wide disasters, we need badness so we can tell that we have goodness in our lives too. Like yin and yang, ‘goodness’ and ‘badness’ are in constant movement-swirling and churning. It is not so much that we need only goodness but that we need balance between these two ‘opposing’ forces. 


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