The end?

This might just be me, but I’ve been hearing allot about this comet that has knocked a large amount of meteorites towards Earth. Luckily none have hit us, however, we’ve had allot of close calls, in fact, a very large meteorite supposedly closely passed by us recently. That is why, though it is very unlikely, I have worked out a plan if Earth dose get hit. Bacicly, I will prepare a backpack with these items:

.a penknife (Swiss army if possible)

.a portable tent

.a water container

.a warm, waterproof coat


.Hiking boots/costume

.books on wild foods, animals, and plants

.rope/any other useful items

I bet I sound like a right nutter, but you can’t be too careful right? Besides, if a meteorite doesn’t hit us then a major disaster caused by another stupid idea from the government to ‘save’ money will. I don’t hate the government, I just don’t think they always think things through before doing something. Anyway, if a disaster dose happen then I will head for a large forest with a river and take many  supplies as I can carry, because if the world-power goes out, supermarkets and things will no longer supply foods.

However, I wouldn’t worry too much because no matter how horrifying things may become-it can only get better.


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