The magic of forests

I clearly remember the day my dad took me for a walk in my first forest, I had always lived in the countryside but there were only fields and a couple of trees dotted around-no proper forests. It was mid-spring I suppose, it was raining, I was at my dads house, we were watching T.V, then suddenly he just jumped up and turned to me, my brother and sister and said “lets go for a walk in a forest!”

So we arrived and followed a narrow muddy-path down into the main part of the forest, eventually we left the path and arrived at a place in the forest where all the colours were ‘misty’, all the greens were minty-green, the browns were deep black and the gaps in the leaves where you could see the sky were fluffy-white. It was here that I felt something that I can’t explain, a rush of excitement, a burst of love for life, a wave of calmness like a still lake-I honestly felt like I could fly, could transform into all the beautiful creatures and plants of the world in a instant. That forest completely changed my attitude to nature, after that visit to that forest I always looked closely at everything: the rain, the sky, plants, birds and everything under the sun( I bet I would of stared at the sun too if it wouldn’t of blinded me!). I still remember that forest, but I’ve never found it.

Its a real shame that some people degrade nature so much, the nature of the planet is disappearing and the thought of future generations growing up without the magic of forests breaks my heart…


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