Isn’t it annoying when…

Isn’t it annoying when you’re at school and you haven’t done some home work that was due in on the day and your form teacher walks up to you and asks: “Why haven’t you done your home work?”? okay, so maybe that’s not too bad. But what really bugs me is when they ask that and then you give your answer(whether it being a excuse or an actual reason) and the teacher then replys: “That is not a valid excuse. Why haven’t you done your homework?” and you stand there thinking “what?! I just told you why! You nincompoop!” now for people who know what I’m talking about I can safely say that we can agree that this kind of pupil-teacher conversations can go on for hours-and it always ends in detention. I understand that homework is a good thing to do, and I am terrible for not doing mine, but if they don’t accept anything I say then why ask? Another thing: I don’t mean to be a moaning minnie but most teachers don’t even inspire me at all, and let me tell you now my homework charts would be much better if I found the teacher inspiring.

However that doesn’t mean I’m telling you to not do homework because you find the teacher boring. You see, the only real reason you could be uninspired by a subject is when the teacher is about as interesting(if not less) as a dead fly and you don’t even find the subject enjoyable anyway. If you find the teacher inspiring then do well to please him/her, if you find the subject engaging then do well to succeed in that subject.


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