We are all one

There is this idea that we are all separate and shouldn’t talk to each other because we don’t know each other. When in fact we are all little ‘sparks’ from the same conscious, we are all and everything-why? Because in the beginning there was absolute nothingness, a nothingness no one can picture(so don’t try to, you might go crazy :/) then there was a thought, a awareness, this was God. Now God was probably very confused, why am I here? Where is here?! Then he(I’m only calling god ‘he’ because most religions see God as male-though it is genderless) began to think, and all these amazing thoughts became something called matter, everything around you is made of matter actually. Anyway, when God took a breather from thinking so hard he looked at his world and was pleased, but then he was sad, he found he could not experience this world unless he became matter-which is something he knew he couldn’t do. So instead he gave every living think a ‘spark’ of himself. And so that’s why we’re here: to experience ‘living’ in all possible ways in this world of matter. The reason we don’t remember that we are God is because if we did then we’d also need to know about everything(and I mean everything) but not only would that be too much for our minds in this state but it would also ruin the whole point of living.

So my point is that because we are all one there is really no reason for war and other worldly conflicts. Also, that no matter how bad things get, this whole thing is amazing, its amazing to be alive- absolutely amazing!


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