I have the flu right now and believe me it’s not fun. But I suppose it’s good to get ill, not just because it builds up the immune system but because hurting is good-physically and emotionally. Physical hurting is like a warning alarm telling you that your body is damaged, and you need to know that so it is not damaged any further. Emotional hurting is a bit more tricky, you don’t really need to get upset to survive but you do need emotional hurting more than one might think. Think about it-would you rather live a life where you feel and hurt or a life where you float around smiling at the world and feeling nothing but contentedness?

 Did you know that people who become ‘enlightened’ (when someone learns the meaning of life) actually make themselves go back to their former conscious state now and again because they like feeling down? Though I advise to be as helpful and happy as you can just remember that life is fair so you’re bound to feel blue now and again. So what I’m trying to say is: don’t loose hope and enjoy all the ups and downs of life.


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