Special places

Sometimes, you find these places, they can be anywhere. Sometimes it’s just a hill with a nice view, but wherever it is, there’s a special energy, something you feel when you’re there. In fact, this energy can be so strong that you feel it by just looking at it! There’s a mountain near Abergwaun that I used to visit when me, my brother, my sister, and my dad went camping in my dad’s van. I loved going there, even if climbing the mountain was tiring, you could just step back and look at it and it’d be breathtaking. We used to call it ‘angle mountain’ because apparently people had sometimes seen angles up there.

Anyway, my point is that it’s good to find a special place, especially if you find you’re stressed or angry generally. Who knows? Maybe you already have a special place, usually, a special place is connected to a positive memory of some sort. Like this quarry I once visited with my dad, I remember Star, a red setter, who belonged to a lady who was friends with my dad. Anyway, Star unfortunately passed away, but I remember running around with him in the old quarry, I remember a giant pool of water which to me at the time look rainbow coloured because of all the seaweed and algae growing on the rocks inside it(I forgot to mention that the quarry was close to sea with big cliff-edges overlooking it). I’ve never been able to shake that memory, Star will always be remembered (to me anyway) as the red wolfy-dog who me and my brother and sister played with in the quarry.


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