This post is about fracking, I just saw a report on some protestors making a stand against fracking, I then saw a map of the UK’s current fracking sites- and then potential fracking sites in the future. Now I’m not being over the top here, I’m deadly serious, the potential fracking sites was pretty much the entire country!

It’s wrong, what this fracking gas is doing to our planet, and to be honest I don’t think David Cameron knows frack-all about what’s happening to the planet. Besides, they don’t have the right. The future doesn’t belong to the gas corporations, it belongs to the children. By fracking David Cameron is basically saying ” I don’t care how it affects the planet or the children as long as I make money” .

Personally I think you’d have to be really blind to think that fracking has more benefits than setbacks. No amount of money that fracking heaps together will be able to pay for the damage it will cause. If you don’t know what these problems are, here’s a list:
. Water poisoning.
. Death of plants near lakes&rivers.
. Death of animals that drink from poisoned water.
. Earth tremors ( maybe even earth quakes )
. Ruined future left to the children of this and the next generation.

So then, what do you think?Support for fracking or support for no fracking? The choice is yours.


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