Boredom, it happens to everyone. You’ll just be there, waiting for something perhaps, and then boredom sets in. Quite often you’ll find something to do, reading, drawing, crossword puzzle in a newspaper. But what if there’s nothing to hand? You just have to sit and endure the torture of boringness, but then your mind begins to whirr, the gears of imagination squeak and begin to set into motion once again. And this is your brain making it’s own entertainment, maybe you’ll revisit a imaginary world you invented when you were young, maybe you’ll recall a scene from a movie you watched,maybe you’ll work out a problem that you were puzzling over, your imagination can lead you down many different routes. I’m not saying you should sit around doing nothing and trying to get bored, just take a break once and a while just to think, relax, deflate. Let your mind wander instead of rushing through life, after all, you’ll only get to experience this life once, so stop trying to meet ‘deadlines’ and enjoy it.


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