The police lady on P.S.E day

Today, I witnessed a police lady deny a student at my school a human right.

It all started when we did another lesson on Internet safety (for the 100th time) and a friend of mine called Dala said to another student “we did this before last year” Here is what happened:
Dala: “we did this before last year”
Police lady: “do you have a problem with this lesson?”
Dala: “” ( is confused )
Police lady: “do you have a problem with me?”
Dala: “no” ( is even more confused )
Police lady: “well go and take a seat outside”
Dala: ( what? )
Police lady: ( proceeds to push Dala out of the classroom )
Police lady: ” does anyone else have a problem with this lesson?”
Class: ….. 0-0??

So that’s what happened, apparently it’s not good to state that you have done something before. But do you know what really annoyed me? The fact that later that day, Dala stayed behind after registration to have a talk with our forum tutor. And apparently, the Police lady had told him that Dala had been shouting and swearing at her.
That’s not even ‘bending the truth’! That’s a out-right lie! From a police officer! Dala didn’t even state that we did the lesson before to her! She was saying it to someone else! The only two things Dala said to her was “no” and her name( which the police lady thought was a fake name ). The ‘police officer’ was also teaching as a teacher so she shouldn’t have been allowed to push Dala either. This just proves that too much authority can make you into a bit of a dictator, now I’m not saying this applies only to police and that all police are abusing their power, I’m just saying that even though someone with authority may seem like someone who is always right doesn’t mean they are. And when they make a mistake, accidentally or on purpose, you should inform someone. And that someone should also be prepared to listen and act on your complaint.


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